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    Smoking is more than just a hobby, it's a way of life! When you drop by our smoke shop, you'll have access to everything you need for the most pleasurable smoke experience possible.
    We have all the accessories you need for an enjoyable smoking experience. Whatever you're smoking, we have the glass pipes you need to smoke in style.
    Look through our selection of CBD oil and vape juice options until you find a product that fits your taste. Drop by today!
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Accessories service
Smoke Accessories

We give you all the smoke accessories you need to enjoy your smoking experience to the fullest. From water pipes, to vape pens, to edibles, and much more, we give you everything you are after! Look through our selection for the smoke devices you need for the perfect smoke.

Pipes service
Glass Pipes

When you shop at BLVD Smokes, you will have access to a wide display of beautiful, handcrafted pipes of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Whether you are looking for a large hookah pipe, or a smaller piece, we are sure to have an item that is shaped and designed perfectly for you. Drop by and take a look at our selection!

Vape juice service
Vape Juice

Drop by for a wide variety of vape juice options! Our e juice comes in a whole rainbow of colors and flavors for your satisfaction. Bring some variety to your smoking experience with our selection of brands and flavors.

Cbd service

CBD oil is an increasingly popular product in the Sun Valley, CA area. CBD oil provides relief without the psychoactive aspects of cannabis because THC—the chemical compound in marijuana associated with feelings of being ‘high’ and psychedelic experiences—are present in trace amounts or not at all, making the experience of using CBD oil gentle and relaxing. Drop by and take a look at our CBD oil options!

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